Mona Lisa Controversy With Sunny Leone Is Viral

The latest Mona Lisa controversy is going viral. The internet broke with this news. The controversy involves Mona Lisa and Sunny Leone. People are criticizing because of this comparison. Mona Lisa during her role in Big Boss season 10 got into this issue.

Because of her close friend Manu comparing her with Sunny Leone, a lot of talk went into the air. Right after elimination, media took her by storm. The questions about her reaction rose.

Mona Lisa controversy

Mona Lisa controversy reaction is simply shocking.

We all know about Sunny Leone’s past. It is evident that when compared, every one will think the same. But they way Mona Lisa reacted was entirely different. No one could expect such a great response. This also gives Sunny Leone a better image among the audience.

When asked about it she said  “I don’t see anything bad in being compared with Sunny Leone. She possesses a sexy image in Bollywood and my image has also been the same. I have done many bold films and songs. Even if Manu compared me with Sunny it is fine with me as we both entertain the audience. It is a big thing for me. I like Sunny and I don’t have to do anything with her past at present I feel she is doing good in Bollywood. It is very important to understand in what sense he said those things.”

The way she reacted seems like she will gain respect now. She is an entertainer. All she did in Big Boss is entertaining people too. The people in the house are not like they are outside too. We should know clearly that criticizing them on the basis of their performance is not right. Just like the role of actors in a movie, certain things are designated to these people too.

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