Mona Lisa’s Reply To Karan Johar’s Bitching Is Hilarious.

Big Boss season 10 is the most interesting season till now. People watch it for many reasons. From Bani’s love life to Mona Lisa’s reply. The viewership of the show is exponentially increasing. The celebrity guests coming every week turn the tables over too.

However, the life of the celebrities inside the house is really controversial. Mona Lisa was supposed to get married in the house. But, she willingly wanted to do it outside. Karan Johar was the star guest this weekend. He is one of the best entertainers on stage. But his bitching capability is also expendable.

When asked about his favorite housemates, he made a lot of hilarious comments. He revealed all his likes and dislikes. One of the most insulted contestant was Mona Lisa.

mona lisa's reply

When asked about her, his face did not look any more funny. He sarcastically made a comment about her. Mona Lisa is currently in controversy about her marriage. The show gave her proposal to get married in the house itself. Sh refused the proposal.

Karan Johar made a comment about her wedding. He said that if she signed a movie with him, it would last longer than her marriage. This was a very personal comment and insulting too. But instead, Mona Lisa took it really sportively.


This is what he said.

“It’s kind of obvious here, that she must have heard about KJo comments. According to a report carried in DNA, the actress took it all in a positive way and said, “I haven’t seen the show, but if he has said that I am happy, because it means the deal will last for years and years. I know that my marriage will be long lasting.”

This is Mona Lisa’s reply to his comment.

“It’s sad that people think like that. It’s the best day of my life, why should I take money for that. People making fun like this is not good. Vikrant and I know each other for eight years and were planning to get married anyway. He decided everything in consultation with my parents and I am very happy to have got married on TV, with the whole country witnessing it.”

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