Mumbai Boy Scored 100% In SAT, ACT Exams

With the growing pace of development, students are turned into machines rather than treating them as human. They are under immense pressure to score good in exams but their parents do not understand they children are not all alike. Their capabilities are different, their hobbies and their field of interest are different.

It is very rare to see a person excel in every field imaginable and come out as a winner.

But this Mumbai boy scored 100% in SAT, ACT exams.

Anagh Agarwal, a Mumbai resident proved that he is one of those brilliant students. He passed from Dhirubhai Ambani International School and soon appeared for various entrance exams as every other child would do.

mumbai boy scored 100%

His future plans include pursuing a major in economics from Harvard University.

Therefore he appeared for SAT and ACT exams which is a standardized examination for direct admission to US colleges.

A good ACT(American College Testing) score could easily secure one a college in the University. It is enough to secure your seat in the Ivy League institute.

But Anagh’s dreams were far more high than just scoring moderate marks.

mumbai boy scored 100%

With utter determination and hard work, he managed to score 100% in both the examinations. He aced the exams with full marks in the papers individually.

To your great surprise, he scored 1600/1600 in the new pattern of SAT and 36/36 in ACT.

He shared the various tricks and tactics he embraced while preparing for the exams. He confessed that his regular reading habit helped him a lot.

“”I took it up as a personal challenge. I had always wanted to appear for SAT, and I started preparation about five months ago. To appear for ACT was a last-minute decision,” Anagh said.

He made his goals in life pretty conspicuous.

“I want to get into investment banking for a short period in the US after completing my studies. Then I intend to return to India and join politics and become the finance minister someday,” he added.

Anagh expressed his desire to be the Finance Minister of India.

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