New Song On Note Ban And Black Money By King Paaji

black money song

In the time span of only two years, Modi has brought a revolution in India’s economy. The change of narrative from black money to a cashless economy is a great fight against corruption. This decision is believed to be a surgical strike on the black money holders. Recently a new song on note ban and black money released on social media which is going viral on Internet.

new song on note ban

People who have black money in their possession were the main targets in the movie. Their plight post demonetization is shown in a very funny way. Made under the production of King Paaji, this video has reached over 2 lakh views. Currently, it has become a favorite among people.

Undoubtedly, people are enjoying it very much.

new song on note ban

This new song on note ban is full of humor. Watch here.

Although people are facing a lot of problems due to the policy of demonetization, they are deeming it as the decision of the millennium. They believe that it will indeed help in removing corruption from India which will eventually work in the country’s favor.

The song also parodies Delhi CM, Arvind Kejriwal and his senseless comments targeting Modi every now and then.  It made a caricature of many other politicians.


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