OMG! This Kind Hearted Elderly Woman Feed 1300 Stray Every Day

This elderly woman Wan Yanfang opened a dog asylum to spare them from rough lives of streets. She alone opened the asylum in Weinam, Shaanxi province, China. However, over the time 4 other elderly women who are also in their 60s and 70s also joined her.

This asylum was established in 2009 by the 60 year old lady in China. When she saw the condition of stray dogs, she felt very sympathetic towards them. It was then when she decided to open an asylum for them.

This group of women works as a volunteer to the asylum. To provide the dogs with special care they distribute all the work among them. They wake up at 4 in the morning to feed over 1300 stray dogs.

Hand feed 400 kgs of food

The ladies hand feed every dog with 400 kgs of food. According to one of the ladies, it’s not easy to take care of them. Not every dog is a friendly one. They often bite them and try to hurt them. But this doesn’t deter the ladies’ passion for taking care of the dogs.

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