A Painful Note by A 15 Year Old Girl Before Suicide Who Was Gang Raped By Her Schoolmates!

It looks like that the whole universe has entered in a new form culture known as rape culture, where everyone is fine to ruin a personality and run over someone’s status.

Considering an event that is accountable for the demise of a 15 year old girl, a lot has to be done with the accused but before that even more has to do with those who allows them to move freely, without any capital punishment.

Cassidy Trevan, from Melbourne, Australia,  was just 13 years old when she raped by 2 teenage boys in the year 2014. Inspite of  having meetings more than 20 times over a two -year term with the policemen, the case trickled down due to lack of evidence.

Before suicide, Cassidy wrote a very heart rending and compelling suicide note in which she warns the other students of her school. Her mother found this note in her computer and later she shared it on Facebook.

The letter says- ” My name is Cassidy Trevan,  and I was raped”. Further it was written that she was a student at (school name omitted)  and she was raped by some students oh his own school who still attends the school. She also knew that some people might think that it is just for attention seeking but it’s honestly far from anything. She had many reasons for it and further she explains everything.
Her aim was to just warn other people especially students about what had happened to her. She was worried that if those students could have done it to her, they could do it with any other kids like her, or atleast try to. One must actually have that power to stop this kind of happening. She adds that it’s really hard to believe that the students who actually did that to her was her schoolmates but it is actually true.

She was not doing anything to take revenge from those who raped her, or bullied her about the rape, or teased her about the rape or something like that. She also wants to cleared that she was not doing anything to seek attention as she mentioned earlier also.

She gave the reason for doing so that in a crowd of 1500 students, students ranging from 7-12 years are currently enrolled in school and they need to be warned. She feels because of whatever had happen with her and also because her school staff didn’t helped her in any manner. She added that it’s her duty now to warn other students and also make them aware of what happened (not that what you heard in school surroundings but what has actually happened).
She was actually doing everything for herself too. Finally after one and a half years, she wants to be left alone. She was surprised at the behaviour of students who didn’t even know about the situation calling her a slut or bullied her, contacting on Facebook. She have moved schools, houses, almost everything but still being contacted and bullied. She further added that she can’t stop people from spreading rumours but atleast she could try and what really had happened with her as it still being the talk of the town. But sheagin mentioned that this is all for those innocent student who are unaware of this and are in danger of those students.

Her last words- “If anyone even tries this on you trust me it’s worth fighting! Fight! If you don’t you’ll regret it for the rest of your life like I do. You can do it. Be careful. Be warned. Be safe.”  denotes how heart broken she was.

This was the misery of her last two years.

News and images source : indiatimes

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