This Is How People Reacted When NATIONAL ANTHEM Is Played Twice In Dangal Movie

There had been a lot of debates over the importance of national anthem in the beginning of a movie. Finally it was made necessary for everyone to pay respects to the national anthem and stand up while it was being played in the movie hall.

Still people are actively participating in the discussion-if the gesture of standing up during the song should be made mandatory or it should be solely a matter of personal choice.

As a result, Supreme Court banned any type of dramatizing of the anthem or making money out of it. When the 52 second-long song will be played, all the doors of that particular hall should be closed to prevent people from moving around.

There should a picture of our national flag being displayed on the screen and everybody should stand up.

Talking about the movie, there were plenty of emotional scenes in the 2-hour-long movie. When national anthem was played amidst the film, everybody was left in a fix as to stand up or not. They were looking at each other, totally confused.

Some stood up for fear of disobeying the rules, some out of respect for our national anthem, and others because they were touched by the movie-it made a great impact on them.

Here are some Twitter reactions which sparked a debate on the topic once again.


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