Pervez Musharraf Dancing To Hindi Songs.

Pervez Musharraf is the ex President of Pakistan. He is also the former army chief of the Pakistan army. Not many people know him though. He used to be a very harsh leader with many controversies. But people are now liking him a lot. Recently, a person recorded Pervez Musharraf dancing.

pervez musharraf dancing


People hate him for the past. But, now they are starting to like him for his present. Till the time he was the president of Pakistan, he was involved in controversies related to politics. But, he is in controversies related to funny and cool things instead.

The video in which he is dancing is from a night club. We already viewed another video in which he was dancing crazy. It was a funny video and enjoyable too. But this time you will experience even more fun.

This time he is dancing to a Bollywood song. The song was from the movie Ye Jawani Hai Deewani. It is one of the most famous Delhi songs. It is none other than Dilli Wali Girlfriend. There is another woman dancing with him. She looks young and still having fun with him.

Watching an old person dancing to such a song is already funny. And watching the former President of Pakistan dance to it is just Hilarious. Watch the tweet below and get a good laugh for the day.

Pervez Musharraf Dancing On Dilli Wali Girlfriend.

He surely is enjoying his retirement. We hope all the elders are as cool too. Share this post to show your friends this hilarious dancing video too. Do not forget to tag your old folks too.

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