PM Modi To Appear Soon On The Kapil Sharma Show. Know Why Here…

Kapil Sharma is one of the most talked about person in the Indian entertainment industry. With the quick pick up of fame of The Kapil Sharma Show, he has come into the Top 100 list of Forbes India.

The show is a combination of both fun and emotional touch to the everyday lives of people. The huge fan base has attracted many celebrities to the show. The queue is so high that big Indian celebrities are waiting to make their appearance into the show.

But, choosing the celebrities is not a choice of the production team. It is in the hands of Kapil Sharma himself whom he wishes to call up on the show. Though, there are many blockbusters coming up, Kapil is not interested in them much right now.


Right now, Kapil’s only wish is to bring our beloved Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the show. Not only because of the respect for his deeds as the Prime Minister but also on a personal level.



He is inspired by the real life of Narendra Modi and wishes to know things about his personal life which even the media cannot tell. Kapil Sharma himself being a self made person is extremely interested in knowing how PM Modi rose from a small tea stall vendor to being the Prime Minister of India.


If this happens we are sure to both enjoy and get knowledge from both of these inspiring people. We hope that this happens soon and leave a good memory in us too.

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