Kapil Sharma Had An Ex Girl Friend Preeti Simoes Who Is Furious With Him?

Kapil Sharma who was also known as the king of comedy in India is facing really tough times these days. Not just his friends such as Sunil Grover and others have quit the show, even other actors and producers are acting tough with Kapil Sharma, The King of Comedy.

You must have known Preeti Simoes who was once the creative director of the Kapil Sharma Show. Preeti Simoes was also known as the creative director of this great show called the Kapil Sharma Show.

Now, recently Kapil Sharma had a huge fight on his flight with co-actor Sunil Grover. Kapil Sharma even called Sunil Goa as his personal servant. Kapil Sharma, The comedy king claimed that Sunil Grover is successful just because of Kapil Sharma.

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