Prisoner’s reaction to outside world after spending 44 Long Years in jail

We have come a long way in the field of development. In this ever developing world, we are experiencing different types of changes around us. From carriages to cars to airplanes, from telephone to smart phones, we have indeed achieved a lot. This became even more abstract when we get to watch this prisoner’s reaction to outside world after spending 44 long years in jail.

prisoner's reaction to outside world

Living in the dungeon for over 2 decades, he was completely cut off from the outside world. He did not know the changes that has taken place in the world outside his sphere.

The man named, Otis Johnson was sentenced a long jail term after he was charged with the murder of a policeman and was directly taken into custody, thus imprisoning him.

He was sent to jail at an early age of 25 in the 1970s. He was released last summer at the age of 69. Since his release from prison, he is trying to adjust in the completely new surroundings.

He was so amazed at how the world has changed in all these years, that he wrongly perceived different gadgets and equipments.

He allowed Al Jazeera’s camera crew to shoot him while he was taking a walk around the New York city.

Read more about this prisoner’s reaction to outside world below!

prisoner's reaction to outside world

The first place he went was Times Square and he was shocked to see the totally changed environment there. While going there through a subway to Times Square in Midtown MaManhattan, he experienced a major cultural shock.

He went to use a payphone but was shocked to see that the price has risen up from 25 cents to $1 for four-minute call. He later realized that now nobody use these payphones. Now they have their own smartphones. These small gadgets were alien to him. He said that all of them use Iphones nowadays and they are so engaged in their phones that they would continue to see in ther phones even while crossing the roads or performing different activities.

prisoner's reaction to outside world

He even mistook people with earphones as CIA agents and was also amazed to see the different variety of things around him. Be it various food items, clothing, and electronic ads on windows in Times Square.

Technology has completely changed the phase of our world. We are entering into a world where everything will be digital. 

He was released withe nothing significant but just his ID, 2 bus tickets and a mere $40 dollar to his possession.

He lost touch with his family in 1998. Getting nostalgic about his past memories with his family, he said that he misses them a lot.

prisoner's reaction to outside world

“You gotta let things go because holding on to anger will only stagnate your growth and development,’ he explains. ‘I don’t feel that society owes me anything. Everything happens for a reason, I believe. So I let that go, and deal with the future instead of dealing with the past. I try not to go backwards. I go forwards. And that’s how I survive in society,” he said.

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