Priyanka Chopra Got Slapped By A Monkey Revealed Kapil Sharma On His Show

In the upcoming episode of “The Kapil Sharma Show” Priyanka Chopra will be his guest. Though we have watched the duo sizzling the stage earlier as well but this time it is completely different.

Kapil is going to disclose some unknown information about Priyanka.

Baywatch fame Priyanka is known for her candid behavior and bold personality. She never shies away from expressing her opinions on any issue. Be it demonetization or abusive comments showered on Kareena’s baby Taimur, she stands up for what she feels right.

However you will be shocked to know that our Desi Girl too has been slapped by someone. It is difficult to believe, yet it has happened.

Whenever a celebrity comes in the show, Kapil pulls everyone’s leg by asking various questions from their past and their future prospects. This way we get to know many unknown facts about our favorite celebrities.

They enjoy a lot on the sets and the audience too love to watch the show. So what is this mystery behind Priyanka being slapped?

When Kapil asked her if she has ever gone through some strange incidents in her life, she promptly replied and said that she was once slapped by a monkey as a child.

She told everyone that one day she was returning from school when she saw a monkey making shouting in front of her. She was so amused and laughed really hard at which the money took offence.

He descended from the tree and slapped her on her face. After this incident Priyanka learned a lesson for lifetime-never to annoy a monkey. After that incident, she never dared to laugh or even see a monkey in the eyes.

There are many celebrities who had been attacked by a monkey in the past like Akshay Kumar.

Currently Priyanka Chopra is in India. She has completed the shooting for Baywatch and her Tv series, Quantico. Moreover she is selected as the brand ambassador of Assam Tourism.

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