Priyanka Chopra Injured On Quantico Sets

Quantico is Priyanka Chopra’s biggest tenure worldwide. It is an action drama series which is a successful hit. A lot of action is required for the show too. Priyanka Chopra injured herself during an intense action scene shoot.

She was trying to perform a dangerous stunt and slipped. She hit the floor with her head and rushed to hospital. People from the cast tell the entire story of the incident. They revealed that it was only a minor incident. Priyanka Chopra was discharged from the hospital pretty soon. Her injury is healing pretty well.

Priyanka’s spokesperson confirmed the news and said, “Yes, I can confirm there was a minor incident last night on set. Priyanka was immediately taken to the hospital, examined by a doctor and discharged. She is likely to resume work after the weekend.”

Priyanka Chopra injured herself earlier too.

priyanka chopra injured


Injuries are not new to her. She was injured earlier on the shoot too. When she landed at the airport and spotted with a plaster. It became clear that she was injured. But, the way she carries herself makes it an awe inspiring thing.


Women getting injured is taken as a very big issue. While Priyanka is not the kind to talk about her injuries, we know. And we also know that she does not let them be any roadblock to her work. She will be continuing the shoot after the weekend.

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