Priyanka Chopra’s Marriage Reason Revealed

Priyanka Chopra’s marriage status is one of the most questioned things in Bollywood. Her totally independent image burns many out to know what is going in her mind. While every other celebrity is getting involved in a controversy, Priyanka is successfully staying away.

Her focus on her career is the greatest inspiration for women. Many believe that there is not going to be any sign of her marriage any soon. While there are many articles on the internet about this topic, it is still not clear.

Priyanka Chopra’s marriage status is not revealed. Not by any media person but her mom herself. In an interview she talked about the bond with Priyanka.

Priyanka Chopra’s marriage status is revealed by her mother.

priyanka chopra's marriage


She is both her mother and her friend. Priyanka Chopra shares every thing with her mother. Both of them share a great bond together. It is so great to see such a strong bond.

Her mother told the media that at first she tried to convince her to get married. But, later on she started understanding her even better. Now she says that there is no sign of her getting married any soon. And she is happy with that too.

There is no slightest news about Priyanka involved with any guy. She says that Priyanka is in her happy place as it is. This sure clarity is making her career status stronger every day. Priyanka is an inspiration to many girls out there.

priyanka chopra's marriage

The worldwide popularity with Quantico is making her the top in the list too. It is better that we leave it to her if she wants to get married. Because if she does, we will know for sure. Priyanka is no hider. She is blunt and confident about her decisions. Lets just wait and watch what happens.

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