Ravindra Patil Life After Salman Khan Accident Case

Ravindra Patil is a live example of bad system management and decision making of Indian police. He was a fresh recruit of the Mumbai police department. The fresh recruit was sent as body guard for Salman Khan under VIP protection program. He possessed no idea about the lifestyle changes he was going to face.

Salman Khan used to send him to buy expensive alcohol and other products. He at times also gifted him an item out of the products for himself. This made Ravindra crave even more. Slowly he started biasing towards Salman Khan more.

Hoever, the accident case of Salman Khan turned his life upside down. Right after the accident, Ravindra filed an FIR in the nearest police station. He stated that Salman Khan was driving the car himself. This was a big evidence for the court later to be proved.

Ravindra Patil


But, he suddenly received a whopping amount of money from unknown sources. His presence in the court was absent 5 times. His absence resulted in a non-bailable arrest warrant. Police found him in a hotel hiding and arrested him.

After spending sentence in jail, his wife and family abandoned him. Now, Salman Khan was the only one to give him support. But, even this made his life miserable. He soon became addicted to wine and women.

Soon, he developed diseases due to physical contact with unsafe women. His body structure became weaker everyday. With ever day, he became thinner up to bones.

Ravindra Patil after arrest.


He could barely move or talk. After a few days, he died because of his disease. The police say that his absence shows how influencing money and status can get. He is the worst example to change the police VIP protection system. Things should be changed and VIPs should not be provided with government force for protection. They can afford private companies for work.

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