7 Reality Show Winners Who Disappeared Without A Trace

Reality shows provide a platform for many budding talents. Be it a dance reality show or music reality show, they have given a wonderful platform. There are people who have become an overnight star through these reality shows. Vj Bani, Ayushmann Khurana, and Meiyang Chang are few of those people who have reached the zenith of their career.


At the same time, there are people who just vanished from the industry. After winning a reality show, they are appreciated and applauded. But the fame doesn’t last for long. Here is a list of reality show winners who just vanished in time.

1. Abhijeet Sawant

Abhijeet was the winner of Indian Idol season 1. Though he is the only Indian Idol we remember, but we wonder what is he up to nowadays.

2. Elesh Parujanwala

He won the unique reality show ‘Rakhi ka Sawayamwar’. But after the couple separated, he just disappeared from the industry. Parujanwala was one of the 16 contestants on the show. The show was obviously lavish but in no time the couple separated.

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