Reason Why Akshay Kumar Never Reveals His Daughter’s Face In Public

Akshay Kumar doesn’t need any introduction We all are much aware of his struggle to get this fame and about all his achievements in the Bollywood industry. But his personal life is something we know very less about.

He was married to twinkle khanna and was blessed with one son and one daughter. But he is very protective of his daughter. Her beautiful name is Nitara Khanna Bhatia.

He takes his little princess for a walk when rain washes the land.

He is very concerned about his daughter. He never lets her face the media. As it is the tendency of media to get into the personal lives of celebrities and exaggerating anything and everything just to get the trp. Many celebrities try to keep their personal life and professional life separate and Akshay Kumar is one of them.

He doesn’t allow camera and media person to come near her. He believes that her daughter Nitara is very young to face the media.  He wants her to freely enjoy her childhood without any media intervention like any ordinary child.

There have been many kids of the celebrities that have been continuously nagged by the media and Akshay wants to protect her daughter from all of this.

This protective side of Akshay Kumar was not known to many of us. We hope we can see her face in the future.



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