When This Rhino Attacks A Moving Car Full Of Tourist

For all of us our work is very important but taking a break from our busy schedule and going somewhere outside the city should be equally important to us. It refreshes our mind and recharges us with more energy.That sounds good, right? But imagine you are on a trip with your bunch of friends. While your car is passing by a forest area, a rhino attacks your car in an attempt to turn your car upside down. It sounds frightening? Isn’t it?

Here is one such incidence that took place with a bunch of people in a car who were going outside the city for a picnic. They might not have even imagined that while on the way to their picnic, a rhino would try to turn their car.

It was daytime when this whole incidence took place. It was a sunny and pleasant day. There were 6 people in the car. And it was an SUV( Sports utility vehicle ).

The car was going smoothly on its way. And the rhino was normally wandering in the forest. It was around 50 meters away from the car when it saw the car going. The moment it saw the car, it became furious. No one has any idea what came in his mind. It ran towards the car at a very high speed to attack the SUV.

The driver had no idea about the rhino coming towards the car to attack it. Before the driver can understand the whole situation and shift the gear of his car in rescue, the rhino hit the car very forcefully.

The rhino with all its strength tried to turn the car. But he couldn’t. The driver stopped the car. Rhino took a back step and again came running towards it in an attempt to turn the car.

As it was an SUV( Sports utility vehicle ) the rhino couldn’t turn it.The car got hit very forcefully but hopefully, nobody in the car got injured.

Have a look at the whole scenario….


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