RIB Says There Is No Nano GPS Chip Inside 2000 Rupees Note Its Just An Rumor

PM Modi declared to ban all the 500 an 1000 rupee notes in the country to deal with the problem of corruption effectively. But the good move also came with a lot of difficulties faced by common folks in the majority.

They are finding it very difficult to pay back their bills even if they are carrying a good amount of money with them. Fortunately, the government has given us alternative methods to exchange our notes with the legal ones from banks after 2-3 days from 12 November onwards.

Apart from this, there has been rumours of a wafer-thin Nano GPS Chip on the 2000 rupee notes. But the RBI had confirmed it to be a hoax.

What people did with 2000 rupee note for searching Nano GPS chip.


The sudden announcement also included the influx of brand new 500 rupee notes and 2000 rupee notes instead of 1000.


Even before PM Modi declared the ban, there were messages going viral on Whatsapp that said something about all the 2000 notes having a NGC chip on it( Nano GPS Chip).

This NGC can help to track down the exact position of notes from anywhere. These messages start with an introductory paragraph about India having a yet another denomination to its currency shortly.

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