Rival Krushna Abhishek Stands Up For Kapil Sharma; Says People Making Big Deal Out Of It

The ugly brawl between Sunil Grover and Kapil Sharma is taking a new twist every day. Following the turn of events, Sunil Grover has boycotted The Kapil Sharma Show. When the whole world is talking ill of Kapil, Krushna Abhishek has emerged as the only person who is supporting him.

Krushna Abhishek is not his best friend. In fact, they are rivals. Almost a year ago, Colors Channel roped in Krushna to replace Kapil Sharma. Besides this arch-rivalry, he is supporting the comedian.

He said,”I won’t say Kapil has become too big or success has gone to his head. It’s just that even the small things he does are being blown out of proportion. I have worked with Kapil for five years in Comedy Circus and I know him very well — his good and bad points — and he knows mine.”

Kapil was few pegs down of Whiskey on the way back to India from Melbourne. Under the effect of whiskey, he belittled Sunil Grover and also physically assaulted him.

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