Ross Taylor’s Daughter Tweeted Sehwag From His Account! This Is How Sehwag Trolled Him

Virendra Sehwag is an ultimate king of Twitter. He tweets a lot and is active on the micro-blogging site most of the time. It seems like he spends 80% of his life on Twitter. He is known for his strange but funny hashtags-the recent one is #Shoibkibdayparty.

It is made to wish former Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Akhtar on his birthday tomorrow. Nobody can beat him when it comes to inventing funny birthday wishes.

Remember how he wished MS Dhoni. He tweeted,”Happy Birthday @msdhoni, “May you keep doing Anhoni ko Honi.#NationalHelicopterDay”. I mean this is hilarious.

Sehwag has yet again taken the Twitter trolling to new heights when recently he targeted New Zealand cricketer and former national captain, Ross Taylor.


Taylor recently left a tweet tagging Suresh Raina and Virendra Sehwag which baffled everyone. Without any other piece of writing or picture, it was indeed a mysterious tweet.

The creative Sehwag didn’t lose this opportunity to troll him. He took to Twitter to ask him the reason behind such a tweet.

“What happened Taylor ji..
Why tagging without typing. Hope stitching going on fine and you getting many orders,” he wrote.

Sehwag made a dig at hi surname with a touch of his extraordinary sense of humor.

Responding to his tweet, Ross soon clarified that it is his daughter who made the tweet.

He gave a very candid reply to Sehwag’s retweet. He wrote-

Ross’ five year-old daughter, Mackenzie had the phone and left this mysterious tweet through his father’s Twitter handle. Naughty little girl!

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