R P Singh Throws Fan’s Mobile Phone On The Ground

Currently, a video is doing rounds on the Internet and all for the wrong reasons. In this viral video, Indian cricketer, RP Singh throws fan’s cell phone on the ground.

During the Ranji Trophy final, RP Singh came closer to the his fans and shook hands with them. But when he again made his way to the cheering spectators during break hours, it was not with a good intention.

rp singh throws

Singh had a great time with the title winning Gujarat team but now he is making headlines for his rude behavior. He came into limelight for all the wrong reasons.

The video which captured the ill-behavior of the cricketer with his fans. These children were asking for a selfie, or a picture but he snatched the mobile phone from one and threw it on the ground.

Instead of accepting their request or clearly saying a ‘NO’,  he resorted to a shameful act. It left the everyone stunned.

These cheering people are Singh’s big fans. He could even be heard saying,”Aapko Gujarat Ko Support Karna Padega( You have to support Gujarat).

They were very enthusiastic that they would finally get a selfie with the ace cricketer. But they did not know that he is not at all humble or love his fans.

His shameful acts had earlier made headlines when he was captured on camera, showing middle finger to a fan. It happened during the Gujarat’s Ranji Trophy final against Mumbai.

The left-arm pacer has played for Indian team in 14 Tests, 58 ODIs and 10 T20Is. He also played for the ICC World Twenty20 under the captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

rp singh throws

He had a pivotal role in the Gujarat Ranji Trophy where he successfully scaled nine wickets, securing the state’s victory by 123 runs.

This is the video which has lately surfaced on the Internet.


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