Salman Khan Filed Case Against Swami Om?

Swami Om’s recent allegation against SalmanĀ is making headlines. He is openly condemning the actor on national television. After his controversial act in the Big Boss house came into the show’s notice, they decided to eliminate him right away.

A bodyguard of the show’s crew, dragged him out of the house, humiliating him to the core. The reason of his expulsion was his offensive act of peeing on contestants, Baani J and Rohan Mehra.

Later he came out in public and threatened the Dabangg Khan of Bollywood to beat him black and blue in public. He even said that he will not let the grand finale happen if the show will not invite him back.

salman khan filed case

Contradicting his statement earlier, he claimed that the show had called him back on the show. He said that the show’s TRP has gone down o zero since his elimination which was nothing but hot air.

Now according to his recent claims, Salman Khan filed a case against him.

If Salman did so then his action is clearly justified. During a recent interview, he said that Salman has filed a court case against him.

salman khan filed case

He deemed Big Boss as an unethical show and even the government is unsuccessful in taking any action against it. Adding further, he alleged that big names like Sonai Gandhi government and CIA support it. Therefore such indecent acts are allowed on the show and are freely shown to viewers.

Moreover, he said that people are surfing his pictures on the Internet and sticking them inside various temples.

Earlier he alleged that Big Boss allows contestants to have sex inside the house. He even called an ISI agent in the past and accused him of polluting Hinduism.

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