Salman Khan Slapped By Swamiji: Video

Salman Khan slapped by Swami Ji during the shoot of Big Boss Season 10. This is the most controversial thing going on right now. The video in which Swami ji gave his statement has gone viral.

He told to the people in The Quint that Salman Khan is one of the most dangerous people in the world. His allegations are shocking. While Swami was the one who played the most cunning role in Big Boss.

Earlier during the shooting of the show, he threw his urine on the other contestants. Later, he told the media that it was not a crime. He was kicked out of the show because of this. Salman Khan said that the show hit rock bottom because of this incident.

However, Swami ji has something else to say about Salman Khan too. He said that he slapped Salman Khan because he crossed his limits. In the video, he told the people from The Quint that Salman Khan let out a smoke of cigarette on his face.

salman khan slapped


He even put allegations on other actors too. The biggest Indian celebrities like Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan along with Salman are ISI agents. They are working to convert Indians to Islamism. His allegations are surely rasing many eyes around the country.

He also told the media that the reason behind him being kicked out is entirely different than what will broadcast later. Watch the video blow to see how and how much one can speak to dig into fame. May be he is true, but we hope he is not.

There are some really harsh allegations on many big personalities of the country. Please maintain caution not to be overwhelmed by his stupid comments about them.

Video: Salman Khan slapped By Big Boss ex contestant Om Swami.

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