There Are Secret Rooms in Aircrafts You Never Knew Existed

You must have traveled by airplanes a lot of times in your life but did you ever notice the small, compact rooms available within the airplane?

If not then you are missing on a very great opportunity to enjoy in these mysterious rooms and boast in front of your family and friends.

While boarding a plane, all we think about is a nice, comfortable seat, with a decent environment, food and a god sleep at night, but one hardly cares about one’s surroundings.

Here we are going to unveil the biggest mystery of the year-all the whereabouts of these secret rooms.

These mysterious spaces are created on the plane especially for the flight attendants or other staff.

During a long flight, they too get tired and need a comfortable place to rest in. Therefore they are provided with these special rooms so that they can too take plenty of sleep and chill with their colleagues.

Now the big question is where actually are these special compartments located in an airplane?

The answer is-They are situated behind the cockpit, above the business class cabin. Most of the Boeing 777 and 787 aircrafts are provided with these compartments.

You would never guess that there is a room behind a cockpit.

To get there, all the flight attendants are provided with a key or password to unlock the hidden door beside the cockpit.

Once opened one will find a spiral staircase behind the door which leads to the mystery room.

Airplanes like American Airlines Boeing 773 contains secret doors which are also used as luggage racks over passenger seats. They could be used instead of the staircase available in certain aircrafts.

The room contains 6 to 10 beds constructed closely with one another.

The rooms often have reading lamps, hooks for clothes, mirrors, and small space to keep personal belongings.

There’s also a set of bed linen and sometimes even a set of pajamas.

You can find stairway beds with curtains.

The pilot’s room is well-equipped and quite comfortable with 2 sleeping places, 2 business class seats, and sometimes a cabinet or a toilet with a sink.

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