Shameful Tweet By CM Arvind Kejriwal About PM Narendra Modi And His Mother

Kejriwal has levelled another cheap allegation against PM Modi. PM Modi;s mother was standing in nline in bank to get 4500 Note. But, Kejriwal says it is just politics by Modi Ji.

He Ssays that he would himself stand in line than ask hi mother to stand in queue. Kejriwal is a known hater of PM Modi and often levels false accusations against PM Modi.

Do you agree with what Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has said or do you think its simplicity of Modi Ji that his mother stood in line despite him being Prime Minister of India.

Now, once again the Delhi CM got a chance of taking a dig at Modi. Today morning, his 96 year old mom visited a bank in Gandhinagar to exchange notes. Now, Kejriwal says that Modi shouldn’t have made his mom stand in the queue; he should have done it on his own. Moreover, he says that Modi has done it for political purposes, which is wrong!

Here’s his tweet…

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