She Had A Breakup And Then She Met Her Lover After Long Time! What She Wanted To Tell Him?

This Woman’s Letter to Her Ex Is an Ultimate Inspiration to The Whole Womankind.

On International Women’s Day, we talk about women empowerment. Well, be it a specific day or not, we always have to talk about empowerment of women. This is because our surroundings have stereotyped women as a weak portion for a long time. And all these messed up things altogether are responsible for this.

Women are considered weak. Be it physically or emotionally. We can’t run away from the fact that women are indeed physically weaker to men. But when it comes to emotions, women aren’t weak. They might tear up or get aggressive easily when it comes to maintaining a relationship, but one should not underestimate that as a weak point.

We often come across different stories of women overcoming their weaknesses from around the world. Be it Deepika Padukone overcoming her depression or Selena Gomez stabilizing her post-breakup life, even the celebrities have faced the same as the commoners. All these stories set up a perfect lesson for the common girls.

Seeing our role models getting through the hurdles of life, so strongly, not only gives us happiness but makes us feel stronger too. But these are not just the celebrities who inspire us every day. There are many more examples we can see around us. And when it is about overcoming a breakup, we can see a lot more ones.

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