Shraddha Kapoor Angry On Kapil Sharma

Out of all celebrities in Bollywood, we have seen Shraddha Kapoor angry the least. Not because she is a calm person, her way of being jolly in the nature brings a better self in front of us. Her appearance is so tiny and cute that no one would do things to make her angry either.

Shraddha Kapoor angry


Kapil Sharma on the other hand is the most lovable person himself. His way of talking and even the body gestures can never make a person angry. But the Kapil Sharma Show faced something terrible between both the celebrities.

It might seem impossible for both of them to be face a controversy together. But shockingly it happened. Recently, Shraddha Kapoor and Aditya Roy Kapoor came to the show for their movie promotion of OK JAANU.

They arrived at the set by 4 P.M. but no one was there to receive them. The crew itself arrived at 5 o clock. Kapil Sharma was almost 5 hours late to the shoot set. This made Shraddha Kapoor angry a lot. Shraddha Kapoor even threatened the crew that she would walk out of the show if he does not come any sooner. She surely was pissed off a lot.

However, the crew team calmed her down and the shooting started soon after. This behavior of Kapil was unintentional but unavoidable to notice too. Kapil Sharma apologized for his late appearance to the sets and things went further as normal again.

We as fans of both the celebrities want this phase to phase out sooner. Such a tension between the most jolly celebrities will prove unhealthy for both them and us fans.

We hope that the shooting went without any hassle and hesitation between them. But, all that we see will tell us clearly when the episode will be aired. So, lets just hope for the best and wait.


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