Shraddha Kapoor’s Live-In Relationship With Farhan Akhtar

Rumors of Shraddha Kapoor’s live-in relationship with Farhan Akhtar flew high in the air during the promotions of Rock on 2. Replacing Prachi Desai in the main lead, Shraddha worked opposite Farhan in the second part. Even before the movie released, rumors of their alleged relationship became famous with media and public.

shraddha kapoor's livein relationship

There were many rumors of Shraddha being living with Farhan and that Shakti Kapoor was extremely angry with her. Some news article went even further to say that he forcibly brought her back home. Shraddha’s aunt Padmini Kolhapure was also present with him.

Shakti Kapoor came to her rescue and slammed Shraddha Kapoor’s livein relationship with Farhan Akhtar as rumors.

According to him, it is just a hoax. Nothing of that sort ever happened and Shraddha lives with her parents.

shraddha kapoor's livein relationship

All this time, Shraddha didn’t give any statements in her defense but now she hs finally broke her silence on her alleged affair with Farhan.

“Link-ups have always bothered me. Be it with whoever it has been in the past, because I feel like it is very unfair on an actor especially when you’re working together and you are also giving an interview,” said the 29-year-old actress.

Shraddha feels that these relationship rumors affects her acting career a lot. People are only interested in hearing about her link-ups instead her movies.

She was earlier linked up with her Aashqui-2 co-star, Aditya Roy Kapoor. Reacting to that she said,”So, I feel it is very unfair to me. I feel I’ve given 66 days of my life to the film shoot, if I’ve given another 70 days for prep, and it all comes down to me talking about my personal life.”

She believes that people should be known for their achievements and people should give priority to their talent rather than their relationships.

“I think that people should really understand what it takes to make a film. It cannot be about link up rumours and stuff. I feel interviews should be more about that (films),” she added.


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