Oops!! Sonam Kapoor Had An Awkward Moment With Her Not-So-Easy To Handle Jumpsuit

Sonam Kapoor is every fashion follower and blogger’ s inspiration. She knows how to carry every outfit with elegance and poise.

The fashionista knows how to turn heads with her fashion sense. She leaves no stone unturned to look her best in any event. It’s next to impossible to find any flaw in her dressing sense. However, we caught the diva in an uncomfortable and embarrassing situation while attending an event in Mumbai.

No doubt Sonam was looking stunning in a Rosario Atelier ruffled-sleeve jumpsuit. Sonam Kapoor told the media person that the dress was chosen by her sister Rhea Kapoor.

She complimented the outfit by saying, “It’s put together by a Russian designer, Rosario. My sister Rhea and her girls are super talented. They get me outfits from all over the world by such talented designers. For this one, they sent me pictures and I instantly approved of it.” 

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