Sony Bought Kapil Sharma’s Film FIRANGI’s Telecast Rights!

Kapil Sharma is one of the most talked about celebrities of Indian entertainment industry. Not only is he the most famous among them but also the most loved and envied.

The Sony television is not in any mood to let Kapil Sharma go off its hands. With the start of the Kapil Sharma itself, it was clear that he will be a great asset to them and likewise.

In recent news, it was told that Sony TV has extended its contract with Kapil Sharma for yet another year. Now, the show will be running hassle free till June, 2017.


It is also being heard that Sony has bought the telecast rights of his next movie Firangi too. Till what extent this news is true is not predictable but it surely shows how much he is influencing the T.R.P. of the channel.

If things go well, we might see Sony being the official Telecast partner of the movie on the big screen credits.

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