SONY TV To Cancel The Contract Of Kapil Sharma Show With Kapil Sharma After Sunil Grover’s Exit?

While it is being accounted for that Sunil Grover has decided to not come back to The Kapil Sharma Show taking after the terrible spat with show’s host Kapil Sharma, and Kapil even needed to wipe out the shoot because of no show by his co-stars, Ali, Chandan and even visitor celebs, yet here comes the greatest hit to the praised humorist.

As per a report by late morning, the show is up for a restoration one month from now with insiders saying it’d be Rs 106 crore bargain yet the channel is thinking about pulling the fitting because of all the turmoil that is going ahead between its cast.

A source stated, “Kapil has needed to scratch off shoots as he couldn’t get huge celebs as visitors. He has, actually, left for Bikaner to shoot for his film, Phirangi, and will profit to Mumbai for March 29.” Source likewise included that Sunil gets around Rs 7 lakh for every scene while Kapil gets around Rs 1 crore a scene.

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