Stop Pitting SRK And Hrithik Against Each Other!

It has always been a trend in Bollywood that when two big banner movies release together, there begins a sort of competition among the two to become the best. Therefore when rumors came that Raees and Kaabil release dates are clashing. And both the movies will hit the screens on the same day(that is 26th of January) people started pitting them against each other.

However, after some time, news came that Karan Johar has played his trump card for his dear friend. Anil Thadani, who was the distributor of Raees and Baahubali 2, made it clear that only those screens which will release Raees will get to release the trailer of Baahubali 2. Baahubali was a big hit worldwide. Therefore only a few will take the risk of releasing Kaabil on their screens.

stop pitting srkTherefore, Kaabil’s release postponed to the evening of 25th of January, a day before Republic Day.

Many rumors claimed that SRK talked to Hrithik and Rakesh Roshan to postpone the release of their film. And that Rakesh Roshan himself visited Mannat several times to coax Shahrukh into postponed his film for another day. Unfortunately, nothing could save the two from clashing on the box office. It will undoubtedly affect their box-office collection

As a result, social media platforms filled with comparison between Raees and Kaabil.

And when now the movies have finally released, there seems to be no hard feelings between the two megastars. Both of them took to Twitter to show their happiness as the two movies released together. They even congratulated one another for success of their films.

Hrithik congratulated him, addressing him his mentor.

An overwhelmed SRK congratulated him back and expressed his distress about the clash.

Now people should stop pitting SRK and Hrithik against each other!

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