Students Bunking Class Create An MMS

It is common to see students bunking their classes. Whether it be school, tuition or any other class. They roam with their friends and enjoy their time. But, this is also good only to a limit. There are many students who end up doing wrong things.

Friends define us. Wrong friends define us too. They create an atmosphere in which we grow. Whether it be good or bad in its nature. Parents need to be more alert about their kids. Bunking classes is not bad if done seldom. But as it gets more often, things start becoming bad.

In India, there are many scams and MMS videos on the internet. Most of them are made in hiding. The people in the video do not know about the camera. Because of this many kids ruined their lives. These MMS are destroying many young souls.

Young girls are the major victim of these scandals. They fall into this dark pit because of misleading. Boys make girls bunk classes and take them to secret places. There, the scandal takes place. The most disturbing fact is that the girl is completely unaware of this.

Meanwhile, some people are aware of the videos. They do these bad deeds in groups and publish them on social media. There many videos of aware people in these scandals too. Just like these two people in the video below.

A snapshot of students bunking and creating scandal video.

Students bunking


These videos should be taken in notice by the government. The people should be caught as soon as possible. If this does not stop, the number of these MMS will increase and create a bad name for the nation itself. The sites like youtube and dailymotion should mark these videos as inappropriate and delete them. This may help the victim to avoid any further damage of reputation.

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