Sunil Grover Quits The Kapil Sharma Show ?

Prior this week on a flight from Australia to India, travelers were shocked to hear and see an intoxicated Kapil Sharma noisily manhandling and ambushing his The Kapil Sharma Show partner Sunil Grover.

According to members of show’s team, tension between the two has been brewing for quite some time.

Sunil’s “Gutthi” demonstration in Comedy Nights With Kapil and after the show’s conclusion, his ‘Rinku Bhabhi’ and ‘Dr Mashoor Gulati’ acts in The Kapil Sharma Show are as well known as Kapil’s own comic demonstrations, if not more. Kapil accepts each open door he gets the opportunity to remind Sunil that he, Sunil, would have been no place if Kapil had not given him a stage.

Presently after this ambush when Kapil supposedly in a tanked state, mortified and attacked Sunil Grover in full open view, Sunil has chosen to stop the show. Sources from the show say, “Sunil is not returning on The Kapil Sharma Show. He had officially recorded the scenes during the current end of the week (March 18) . Be that as it may, he is not coming back to the show. Abb bahot ho gaya. Agar Kapil ka yehi rawaiya raha toh aur log bhi nikal jayenge (enough is enough, if Kapil proceeds in this way others will likewise stop).”

Now, Kapil Sharma unfollowed Sunil Grover on Twitter.

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