Sunil Grover’s Message To Kapil Sharma Would Make You Love Him Even More

Kapil Sharma is known as a person with a heart of a child and his innocent behavior. He had never hit headlines for misbehaving with anyone. But from the past few days he has been in headlines for all the wrong reasons.

A Few days back, Kapil had gone to Melbourne for a show. He was accompanied by his team including Sunil Grover. While returning back Kapil had a few shots of alcohol. According to the sources under the effect of alcohol, the comedian started misbehaving with his crew. Sunil Grover tried to calm him by saying that it doesn’t suit a celebrity like him to use abusive language publically.

Instead, Kapil started abusing him back and eventually hit him. The situation got so worse that the crew had to intervene. Passengers were miffed and demanded emergency landing. However, the crew managed to calm Kapil.

The tweet posted by Kapil

Kapil accepted that he had a fight with his co-actor. He took to Twitter to apologize to Sunil.

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