Sunny Leone Cried After Reading This Letter

Since her debut in the film industry, Sunny has been making headlines for one or the other reason. Her bold personality, controversial career as a porn star and humiliating interviews. Creating embarrassing situations for this talented lady, we often forget that she is also a human. Apparently, a fan of hers wrote an emotional letter to the actress after which Sunny Leone cried a lot.

sunny leone cried

Sunny is a strong personality and would not take shit from anyone. We cannot disagree that she faced a lot of criticism and many vulgar statements were showered upon her for her past career. But she stood up for what is right and has often come forward to defend it.

sunny leone cried

Earlier when she was invited on IBN live for an interview with Bhupendra Chaubey, everyone was shocked that he dared ask such indecent questions to her. However, instead of taking it as an offense, she answered every question rather quietly and with utter patience.

The letter she got from a fan is an eye-opener to all. It not only shows the hypocrisy of Indian citizens and India as a whole but also a powerful note on woman empowerment.

Sunny leone cried after reading this letter which encourages her and points out the faults with Indian society.

India, the Land of Kamasutra could not gulp down the fact that an adult film star could embrace the Hindi film industry and make a successful career in there.

They were not ready to accept us in the conservative Indian culture. This letter also satirizes the Indian citizens who love watching porn but would not accept it in front of everyone.

They consider sex as a taboo even in 21st century which is a shame.

Read the letter here-

sunny leone cried

This beautiful letter is written by a girl.

sunny leone cried

She highlights Leone struggles and that she stood her ground to fight against this taboo. In this inspiring letter, she says that she is proud of her.

sunny leone cried

sunny leone cried

She knew that she would be criticized and invite the wrath of many but that did not stop her from speaking her mind.

Hats off you to girl!

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