Sushma Swaraj Saved Life Of This 3-Day Old Baby!

India’s external affairs minister, Sushma Swaraj is known for her helping nature. She understands her responsibilities towards her nation and its citizens. Apparently, Sushma Swaraj saved life of a 3-year-old baby. Race, caste, gender and nationality doesn’t matter to her. All of them are a far-fetched concepts for her.

She knows pretty well her responsibilities of being an important person. Needless to say she makes a great use of her position. Besides helping Indians, she is open to any kind of help for anyone in need.

Swaraj supervised many rescue operations and all of them came out a success. These include, rescue operations in Iraq, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, and much more like this.

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She earned a great reputation at International platforms. She secured a position on the the list of top 15 global thinkers which is a great recognition in itself.

Swaraj has made India proud millions of times. Apart from her successful rescue operations, she has revolutionized the use of social media to increase public interaction. She saved lives of many because of her frequent and quick responses on the micro-blogging site, Twitter.

Now again Sushma Swaraj saved life of a 3-year-old baby.

She has done the deed of an angel after saving the life of a baby boy, Om who is battling for her life in hospital. Om was diagnosed with Transposition of Greater Arteries. It is a very rare heart disease.

He needed to undergo immediate operation but unfortunately, doctors refused too attend to him.

The baby who was born on the 23rd of January was battling for his life. Every passing second was a tough time for the parents. Overcoming their hesitation, the family decided to seek help from the government.

Om’s uncle took to Twitter to ask for help from Sushma. Swaraj replied to their tweet at once.

One Twitter handle, Shehazad Poonawalla shared the post and tagged Sushma Swaraj in the tweet.

Learning this, Swaraj asked for Devesh Sharma’s number and made all the arrangements of the surgery in AIIMS in Delhi.

Here’s what Sushma Swaraj tweeted-

Afterwards, the baby got transited to Delhi. All thanks to Sushma and Shivraj Singh Chauhan.

Hats of to her. We are indeed very proud of her! 

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