Sushma Swaraj Warned Amazon To Cancel Their Visas

External Affairs Minister of India, Sushma Swaraj, has recovered from her chronic illness for the time being. She has again joined the office with full vigor and enthusiasm. No doubt she has always worked for the betterment of the nation and to preserve the pride of India. Recently, Sushma Swaraj warned Amazon to cancel their visas altogether.

Actually, the online shopping website launched door-mats and carpets with Indian flag imprinted on them. She received a screenshot of the website page-Amazon Canada.

Entirely disgusted after watching this, she took necessary steps to show them their place. She was offended at the ill-treatment of our national flag in the country.

sushma swaraj warned amazon

She could not gulp down the fact and immediately contacted the Indian High Commission in Canada.

She demanded unconditional apology from the organization.

Her bold step received appreciation from Indian citizens all over. She threatened Amazon to cancel their visas if such humiliating products were not removed from the website promptly.

Sushma has always been a strong personality. She has handled every intense situation with caution. Her far-sighted decisions and responsible behavior are commendable.

Degrading one’s national flag is sheer impudence and it is not acceptable.

It has also incensed a campaign among Indian citizens to boycott Amazon products for hurting their sentiments. Seeing people boycott the products for a good reason is very rare.

Swaraj’s unconditional love towards her country is worth extolling. She has expressed it during several instances.

Earlier too she has shown her capabilities by rescuing thousands of Indians from overseas countries from Iraq, Yemen. Her rescue operations are brilliant. She even keeps in touch with everyone through Twitter.

Her rescue operation, Operation Raahat, is one of the biggest rescue operations ever handled by her. 1,947 foreign nationals and 4,741 Indians were rescued by air and sea routes from war-torn Yemen.

Do you like Sushma Swaraj warned Amazon for their disrespectful behavior towards Indian flag? Share your views.

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