Tear India’s National Flag And Take Away Rs 1000, See This Girl’s Ridiculous Social Experiment

The new social experiment which is going viral on the Internet is the tearing of our national flag. It is very simple-Tear India’s national flag and take away 1000 bucks.

Apart from using it for entertainment purposes, Internet is a great place to share your opinions. Often people use it to showcase the epidemic hypocrisy of people.

Like everything else, it has its own pros and cons. We come across thousands of videos on the social media. It could of any genre-funny videos, sad videos, romantic ones or full of horror.

People often use it to share their talent with others and some use it to implement social media experiments. This is one such video.

In this video, a girl is asking Indians to tear India’s national flag and take 1000 rupees from her. The sole aim behind this experiment is to analyze the patriotism in Indians.

tear India's national flagShe went to many people and tempted them to tear off the flag. Moreover, she offered them a big amount of 1000 rupees in return.

For those who are not at all patriotic, it was a trifle for a whopping 1000 rupees. However, there are still some who refused to do so.

tear India's national flagIn response, she tempted them all the more. She asked would they do it if she shut down the cameras.

The experiment was conducted by Radio Mirchi.

It fuelled anger in the social media. People were greatly disappointed and openly criticized the experiment.

It is indeed not a right way to judge the patriotism among people. How could a poor person refuse to earn a 1000 rupee note. It is not a trifle for them but will surely become. The person could hardly earn for two meals a day. How could he ever refuse to do so?

This experiment filled everyone with disgust. It rather became a ‘shameful’ social experiment. It not only debased the value of our national flag but also tried to judge the nationalism among common folks.

Watch the full video here-


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