This Is How The Oldest Everyday Things Look Like After Thousands Of Years

Every day we encounter unprecedented technologies that help us in our daily life. But we hardly notice few of those things that have been a part of our lives for years. We agree our ancestors never had the opportunity to enjoy technology like we do. But much of the stuff that we use today was used by our ancestors also.

We have garnered the oldest everyday things back from thousands of years. This is how the oldest everyday stuff used to look like

Oldest written recipe(5000 years old)

Dated to 3000 BC, this is a Sumerian Beer recipe. The beer which is made as a result of this recipe is very strong. Moreover, it contains chunks of bread floating on it.

Oldest socks(1500 years old)

These 1500 years old woolen socks are from Egypt. They were designed to be worn with sandals. These Egyptians socks were made between 300 and 400 A.D.

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