This Is How The Oldest Everyday Things Look Like After Thousands Of Years

 The oldest pair of sunglasses(800 years old)

This oldest pair of sunglasses were found on Baffin Island in Canada. They were used as snow goggles and were meant to reduce sun’s glare.

Oldest bra(500 years old)

This oldest bra was worn by someone in around 1390-1485. However, it was not called as bra earlier. According to the historical descriptions, they were known as ‘Breast Bags’.

Oldest pants(3,300 years old)

These pants are 3300 years old and were found in western China. As they were found in western China, they probably belong to someone

Oldest Condom(370 years old)

This oldest contraceptive item is made from sheepskin. It was used in 1640 in Sweden. This was a reusable condom and it was recommended to wash this condom with warm milk to help the user avoid catching STD.

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