These Three Comedians Will Replace Sunil Grover And Chandan On The Kapil Sharma Show

It’s still not the end of controversies for Kapil Sharma. After back to back turn of events, it’s another bad day for Kapil Sharma and his show. After the comedian allegedly abused and slapped Sunil Grover in the flight, Sunil Grover has decided to quit the show. Even Chandan who was once the best friend of the comedian fell prey to his misbehavior. That is why along with Sunil Grover, Chandan has also decided to quit the show.

This time the damage is beyond words. Makers of the Kapil Sharma show are well aware that losing both of them can turn very disadvantageous to the show. According to the sources, they asked Kapil to apologize. Following that Kapil took to Twitter to apologize for his actions.

However, it seems like Sunil is very hurt and made up his mind to quit the show. There were two options for him. Either to choose money or self-respect and he chose self-respect. Even Chandan who was abused by Kapil had decided to quit the show.

He confirmed this by saying, “Yes, I am not shooting with Kapil today. They called me but I refused.” And what excuse did he made? “I told them that I am unavailable,” Chandan quipped.

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