Here Are Top 6 Easy Ways To Grab A Girl’s Attention

Catching a girl’s attention may seem as difficult as climbing a mountain. It’s not about fancy clothes and big cars. While goods looks is not a sole parameter to judge, but it plays a major role. Guys are always attracted to girls who look confident and have a cheerful aura.

But girls aren’t far behind either. They also have some parameters fixed in their mind on the basis of which they judge guys around them.

Here is how you can grab a girl’s attention
1. Dress well

What’s the first thing you notice in a girl? Her dress. Isn’t it? This goes same with girls. It’s not just about the first time you meet, she”ll notice it everytime. More charming you”ll look, more difficult will be for her to keep her eyes oof you. And that’s what we want right?


2. Don’t get dominated by anyone else than her

If she also joins into your friend circle, avoid getting into situations where your friends can make fun of you. Don’t get ignored or insulted. Try not be a joke of your friend esp when she’s around you. Otherwise, she might get more attracted to your dominating friends than you. Girls love boys who can dominate on others as this gives her a sense of protection with you.

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