Twinkle Khanna Got Trolled For Posting Salman Khan’s Matrimonial But You Can’t Miss Her Reply!

Twinkle Khanna is one of those Indian celebrities who have the highest fame in the social media. She come in the top 10 account holders list of twitter India. The rogue and blunt humor of hers is a thing to experience for sure.


More famous for the twitter handle name mrsfunnybones, Twinkle has made her fan base which is quiet interactive and supports her blunt and sarcastic humor. She has talked about a lot of celebrities including both Indian and foreigners.

But, this time in her all year rounder column of Times of India she chose someone who has the biggest fan base or rather a worshiping follower ship, Salman Khan. Not only did she make fun of him, she made a matrimonial on his behalf and instead of the positive response got trolled heavily.


Here are some of the worst responses of her tweet.

The most rude

Talking about her arrest

Confused if trolls are getting logical or just rude

But she is troll proof and ready to go on…

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