Unblock Whatsapp From Other’s Block List: Hacks

Every software comes with some security protocols to ensure safe usage for its users. Whatsapp is one of the highest used mobile application in the world. It has recently come up with an update of encryption too. In this security policy, it is tough to unblock whatsapp number from other people’s contacts.


unblock whatsapp

Here is the only trick to get yourself unblocked from other’s block list on whatsapp.

1. Go to Settings.



2. Go to Privacy Settings and Delete Your Account.


3. Then uninstall the app.


4. Check your number in whatsapp nation and when it is not displayed there, install it again. You have successfully done the task to unblock whatsapp number.


After this save the contact number of the person who blocked you. You will be able to see their last seen and status if they have their privacy setting set to public.

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