Video: Pakistan Destroying Fake Indian Currency Gone Viral, Its Real Or Fake?

The currency note ban in India shocked the whole world. Though, the main affect should be on the Indians, some of our neighbor countries are in havoc too.

It is known that Pakistan is a major supplier of fake Indian currency in India. This is the main reason for the funding of terrorists in India. PM Modi told the Indian citizens about this and that terrorism in India will decrease drastically with this step.


We soon enough found many news articles with video proofs of even the new currency notes being faked and supplied to India from Pakistan. The border security forces successfully caught all the culprits and are investigating the source too.

Right when India was settling to the huddle of this scenario, another video went viral on Youtube. The consequences of currency ban of INR 500 and 1,000 has shown a great result.

Watch the shocking video below where huge trucks loaded with fake currency notes were being thrown out into a big pile. We hope black money dies once and for all with this good step.

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