Vin Diesel Called Ranveer Singh Deepika’s Boyfriend

The hot couple of Bollywood, Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone has often been spotted in public. Everybody knows what cooking between them. Though Deepika has never been outspoken when it comes to her relationships, Ranveer is quite the opposite of her.

There have been many scenarios in the past when Ranveer has expressed his love for the actress in media.

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Whenever the paparazzi ask Ranveer about Deepika, his face lights up and he never shies away from saying some heartwarming words for her.

Now it was time for the Xander cage girl to come clear on her alleged relationship with Ranveer. And she did it in the most beautiful manner.

It was during a chat show where she made an appearance along with her co-star, actor, Vin Diesel to promote their upcoming movie together.

During the show, both the actors talked at length to Anupama Chopra. While talking about Ranveer, Vin called Ranveer Deepika’s boyfriend. And the smile on her face said it all.

She was clearly very happy being called his girlfriend.

Earlier when Deepika was busy in the premiere of the movie, Ranveer Singh turned up at the event, to cheer and encourage her ladylove.

Their PDAs grab public attention every now and then. Even though, Vin and Deepika were the spotlight of the premiere but Ranveer too managed to attract media’s attention.

vin diesel called ranveer

In this video, she is smiling shyly when Vin called Ranveer her boyfriend. She has no qualms being addressed in this way.

“It was just so funny. Just last night, Ranveer, her boyfriend paid me a sweet compliment. He said your body swag.. he didn’t use the word swag. He said the mastery of your body is so impressive from a third person’s point of view because of the way you turn and the way you stand impacts more than the words and the lines,” the 49-year-old Hollywood star said.

We have been waiting for an official announcement of their love towards each other. So here’s the video to cheer you up.

Likewise in the real life, their on-screen chemistry too is phenomenal. They own the stage everytime they come together on the silver screen.

They had given many blockbuster movies together like Bajirao Mastani, and Ram Leela.

Now the pair is again tying up for another venture of Sanjay Leela Bhansali. In their upcoming movie, ‘Padmavati’, Shahid Kapoor will also be seen in an important role.

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