Virender Sehwag Compares Soldiers At Borders To Standing In ATM, Gets Trolled

All 1.3 Billion Indians have been grossly affected by the Government;s move to demonetize currency notes of 500 and 1000 Rupees. But, people are happy with PM Modi’s decision because it will be a long term help in stopping corruption.

It is no secret that people are having to stand in 4 hour long queues just to get their own notes exchanged. Due to these problems, many people are becoming impatient. Virender Sehwag tried to make this point when he asked the common people for more patience. He said our Army hero Hanumanthapa had died at Border in minus 45 degree Celsius. So, we common citizens can also at least stand in the line to finish corruption in our country.


Sehwag’s tweet,

As a result, Sehwag is getting trolled on Twitter for comparing Army Hero’s sacrifice to just standing in the queue. here are some of the best replies to Viru’s text.

People started trolling him,

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