Virendra Sehwag Tweets About BSF Jawan Video

Virendra Sehwag tweets mostly about all the important issues of the nation. He always kept a comic stand on the serious topics. But, right after the BSF Jawan video went viral, he tweeted about this topic too.

virendra sehwag tweets


But, this time it was not so funny. Earlier, a BSF Jawan Teg Bahadur Yadav posted a video on social media which went viral. The video exposed the bad quality and hygiene of food among the BSF troops.

The government did take a quick action about it. Rajnath Singh tweeted in response to the video. A team is already sent to the stationed area to investigate the issue. While many actions are going on related to the issue, people are still mad about it.

Even Virendra Sehwag came up and tweeted about this topic. While most of his tweets are funny and sarcastic, this one turned out to be rather pretty serious and straight forward.

Virendra Sehwga tweets seriously this time.

This shows the concern for our soldier and security forces. The government is taking necessary actions against this incident. People should spread this message as much as possible. You can also use the hashtag about your tweets and posts with this gain more views.


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